Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs addresses what many of you have been asking over the recent days and are intended to help you better understand the most recent letter from Bishop Walkowiak regarding Diocesan COVID-19 norms.

What happens if more people show up than we can accommodate?

Parishes may wish to continue using sign-ups to help ensure individuals have a seat when coming to Mass. If the faithful make a good faith effort by showing up to Mass only to be turned away due to capacity having been reached they are dispensed from their Sunday obligation.

What is the current seating capacity guidance for parishes?

Churches are not limited to a specific percent of fixed seating capacity for indoor worship. Current guidelines remain that pastors are welcome to invite as many of the faithful as the church can hold while still maintaining the appropriate social distance among households. In order to social distance, here at St. Michael ~ Christ the King parish, we have elected to continue our limited capacity. 70 for STM; 50 for CTK. PLEASE register.

Can I fulfill my Sunday obligation by attending a weekday Mass?

A Catholic’s Sunday obligation may only be fulfilled by attending Mass on Saturday evening or Sunday. Individuals who are legitimately unable to participate in Mass during that period are dispensed from their obligation and not bound to attend on another day of the week.